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Everybody Wins At Fight Night 2012

Photos by Gautham Nagesh for

by Gautham Nagesh

WASHINGTON, D.C.—There are certain annual rituals that make living in the cesspool that governs our nation almost tolerable.

For yours truly, Fight Night 2012 at the Washington Hilton is one of them. Thursday night was long set aside for the Fight for Children benefit, and no storm was going to stop the first edition since founder Joe Robert Jr.'s passing. So I joined hundreds of other local gentlemen that dusted off their tuxes, shined their shoes, and fired up their stogies for a night of the Sweet Science.

A solid three-bout card fully sanctioned by the D.C. Commission provided fewer thrills than expected, but solid action. In a departure from recent years, the audience actually stuck around to watch the fights. Arlington junior welterweight Bayan Jargal (above) stopped the badly shopworn Eric Aiken in the main event to earn this year’s Fight for Children belt. The Mongolian Mongoose was simply too big and strong for the undersized Aiken, who should hang up his gloves. 

Staff favorite Jerry Forrest (above) had more trouble with Brice Ritani, who proved unexpectedly resilient in the face of Forrest’s heavy punches. Ritani went the distance, testament to his Kiwi toughness. But Forrest swept the cards, and seemed happy with his second career win afterward.