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The Wage Gap Exists (in the UFC)

Cat Zingano photo by Esther Lin for Invicta

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

When President Obama talks about the wage gap (the concept that men are paid more than women for equal work) I usually just try to ignore him, because he’s a liar that pretends to be all chill, but in reality is spying on all of us.  

So anyway, Barry puts the wage gap at 77% and because he’s a big fucking liar he’s using a number that’s different than the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which goes with 81% or 86% depending on how you calculate it. To make things even more hilarious, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is in the Labor Department, which is part of the Executive Branch (for those of you not following me here, the BLS is a bunch of guys who ultimately answer to the President and whose job it is to calculate shit like this.)

So basically, there is a wage gap between the sexes that liberals say is gigantic and due to persistent discrimination and conservatives say it is due to women taking themselves out of the workforce to make babies or going into jobs that require less of the particularly remunerative specializations such as maths and sciences that men statistically excel at. This esteemed publication tries not to be political, so we’re not going to tell you where our sympathies lie.

Like Barack Obama, UFC boss Dana White also is known spin the truth every now and again, most recently calling out the venerable MMA journalist Dave Meltzer for something that he did not say. Unlike Barack Obama, Dana White is not concerned with the wage gap whatsoever.  

Manvel Gamburyan is a male fighter who is not currently ranked in the UFC’s Top 15 (but you could argue could be included in the top 10) and had the first fight of the night at UFC 178, which was not even broadcast on the televised undercard. The only way to see it was on UFC Fightpass. How much would you say he was paid to show (what he would have made if he did not win)?

He made $25,000. Now I am barely scraping the bottom of the barrel with this blogging gig (and rightly so, I really don’t work that much), but that doesn’t seem to be a lot of money to train for a fight and get into a cage with a man trying to punch my face in. You know, he has to have a full training camp, travel to the fight with all his coaches, pay his coaches, pay Mike Dolce, etc. In the interest of transparency, Manny also made an additional $25,000 because he won. 

On the other hand we have Cat Zingano, who is the best female fighter in the UFC other than Ronda Rousey (according to the UFC’s rankings), who fought on the main card, that people paid around sixty bucks each to watch. How much do you think she made to show up? It must have been at least a little bit more than Manny Gamburyan, right? Nope. $9,000 to fight (another $9,000 to win). That’s right. Not exactly five figures, but almost there.  

So Cat Zingano, who was on the Pay Per View Card and is the second-best female fighter in the entire UFC got paid 36% of the amount that Manny Gamburyan made to fight on teh internets.  But let’s compare apples to apples. Dominick Cruz also fought on the Pay Per View card and is similarly ranked to Zingano. He got paid 50k to show up. He’s a former champ, so there’s that, but she’s still only making 18% of what he is.  

This is pretty common for sports, due to things like the laws of supply and demand and the invisible hand of the market and shit like that, which is why Carmelo Anthony makes more money than the entire WNBA roster. But there aren’t a lot of other sports where men’s and women’s competitions are on the same show.

Also, it’s sort of hard to argue that there’s no demand to see Zingano fight, when the UFC is sticking her on the portion of the card that you have to pay for. You’d think the wage gap would be a little lower.  

So there you go: MMA fighters aren’t making money. But female fighters in particular are getting screwed.

Stiff Jab Presents: The Fourth Judge Podcast Episode 33

Episode 33 puts the guys in a Patrick Ewing state of mind. Join them as they travel back in time to discuss Biggie Smalls, THE DUNK, Chris Childs, Charles Smith, Charlie Ward — the list goes on and on. It’s literally ENDLESS!

Other topics include The New York Giants' march to 14-2, a Ty Segall live show, teachers sexually assaulting students at Brad and James’ high school alma mater, Alanis Morissette and MORE!

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Stiff Jab Presents: The Fourth Judge Podcast Episode 32

The boys are on short rest this week as they attempt to get back on their classic Sunday-or-Monday-or-maybe-Tuesday-if-shit’s-fucked-up schedule, but that doesn’t stop them from giving it their all.

Join them as they discuss Jim Dolan’s musical career, USA Basketball’s dominance, the New York Giants' march to #ohandsixteen, offensive Urban Outfitters sweatshirts, Howard Stern and MORE!

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Preview: Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana 2


by Gautham Nagesh

LAS VEGAS, Nev.—Last night during an epic run at the 2-5 No Limit game at the MGM Grand, I noticed the top chip on my green stack still read “Mayweather Cotto 2012”. It felt apt.

The Strip had the feel of a Big Fight weekend last night, but just barely. Even the hundreds of women in skintight dresses snaking through the lobby in the absurd line for Hakkasan seemed like they were just going through the motions. On flights, at the weigh-in, and in the casinos, the crowd seemed dutiful, as if they were doing as they were told.

The energy that pulsed here last autumn during Mayweather-Alvarez is just not there. This fight and its result is a foregone conclusion, and most of us are just here to bear witness to a footnote to boxing history. Tonight could be one of the last moments where the world’s eye will be trained on the Sweet Science.


Photo by Esther Lin for Showtime

Of the two men in the main event, Marcos Maidana has everything to gain and nothing to lose. He has an opportunity to shock the world, and etch his name in history the way Buster Douglas and Boise State have before. He is a formidable underdog, but it would be foolish to underestimate him.

Floyd Mayweather is foolish in many respects, but inside the ring, he is the sage of his pugilistic generation. There are many faults one can find with Floyd, chief among them his sordid relationship with domestic violence, but one cannot accuse him of taking his profession lightly.

These are the last days of big-time boxing, and they will happen on Showtime and at the MGM Grand. Floyd Mayweather will be the star, and in truth, the opponent hardly matters. Maidana has a puncher’s chance, but only that. If this fight goes the full 12 rounds, or Maidana fails to connect on the perfect overhand right, expect fans to cash in those Mayweather betting slips, which pay a paltry 7 to 1.

Stiff Jab Presents: The Fourth Judge Podcast Episode 31

The boys are back (in town) from summer vacation and ready to tackle the big issues. Issues like:

Melo smoking a cigar shirtless on Instagram

Brad eating Chipotle for lunch

James stacking dishes


We also attempt to make our way through the Ray Rice and Atlanta Hawks morasses (more asses) without drowning in the muck (and mire) of our privileged ignorance(s).

Join us!

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Preview: UFC Fight Night 50

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

Last week we were pretty down on the UFC’s shitty Pay Per View card for UFC 177. UFC boss Dana White took the time during the free portion of the card to call out the press for saying “disgusting, despicable things” about UFC 177. He also called out Dave Meltzer by name for something that he didn’t actually say.  

This is just Dana being Dana . If it is disgusting and despicable for me to tell you that a card probably isn’t worth your money (this was even before Cejudo and Renan Barao dropped off the card) then I guess I’m guilty. I have no qualms about buying Pay Per Views. I’ve bought some terrible events, but this one just felt like a punch straight to the junk from Uncle Baldy McLiar. I could afford to buy the card, as usual, I wasn’t doing anything, but I just wasn’t excited about it.  

I also find that it is a little disingenuous of Dana to tell us that we should be supporting the fighters by paying sixty dollars for a Pay Per View when he is paying Shayna Bazler $8,000 to fight on the third to last fight on the card.  That’s how much money she got BEFORE TAXES. After Obama takes his cut and she pays her coaches, there can’t be much cash left. So she’s good enough to put on a Pay Per View, but not good enough to make five figures.  

UFC 177: Worst Pay Per View Ever?

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

I’ve been covering the UFC for what feels like a long time now, and it’s starting to feel like a chore.  

Whenever I complain about watching UFC for a living, people give me a hard time. But as these cards get thinner and there is less and less talent on each card, it makes you wonder how they still think they can charge the same amount of money for a Pay Per View. Now, I’m a highly-compensated MMA blogger, but for people who are not in on the payroll of the munificent Mr. Nagesh, just following this sport is becoming a pricey proposition.  

People on the internet have argued that UFC 177 is the worst card ever. These people must not have woken up at the crack of dawn to watch any of the Asian cards on Fightpass. That said, those cards are part of a ten-dollar-per-month offering for which only the truly hardcore need apply. So UFC 177 isn’t the worst card ever, not by any stretch of the imagination, and to say so is hyperbolic, but it very well might be the worst Pay Per View on paper in recent memory.  

That’s not to say that the fights will be bad, many fights that have looked horrible on paper have turned out great, and some fights that have looked like they would be action-packed slugfests have turned out horribly. The closest thing to this terrible card that I can think of is UFC 149.  Let’s compare:

Stiff Jab Presents: The Fourth Judge Podcast Episode 30

J.R. Smith canoodles with “1,000 pounds of ass.” Thanasis Antetokounmpo picks the D League. Fifty Cent is a massive dick to Floyd Mayweather, and James can’t keep his balls from twisting into a knot.

All this and MORE on this week’s episode of The Fourth Judge Podcast.


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Stiff Jab Presents: The Fourth Judge Podcast Episode 29

The boys deal with serious adversity this week as technical difficulties lead to the tragic erasure of the grab bag portion of the show. How do they cope? How do they pick up the pieces? There’s only one way to find out!

Also on the docket: Chris Smith retweets Joe Budden, Melo takes on the ice bucket challenge, the Giants remain a serious threat to go 0-16, and James gets ripped off on Canal Street.

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Danny Garcia, Lamont Peterson, and Danny Jacobs Dominate


Photo courtesy of Suzan Classen

by Sarah Deming

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—Saturday’s card at Barclays was a bad night for the underdog, and  – to quote light welterweight Edgar Santana (above right) – we are all underdogs in one way or another. 

In the first of the night’s three mismatches broadcast on Showtime, bone cancer survivor Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs (below) almost finished Aussie Jarrod Fletcher in the first round. Fletcher hung on until stopped by a barrage in the fifth. 

The reliably odious Jim Gray worked the cancer angle overtime in the post-fight interview, even asking Jacobs what he thought about when he was on his deathbed. What Danny Jacobs thought about on his deathbed is none of our business. Anyway, it’s not a deathbed if you survive. 

Photos by Amanda Kwok for Showtime

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier got into a fight during their media day. Uncle Dana is probably going to act pissed, but this is going to make the fight really easy to promote. 

Immanuwel Aleem Passes Test On ESPN, Campillo Beats Top Dog WIlliams

Immanuwel Aleem file photo by Trey Pollard for

by Gautham Nagesh

Two DMV boxers faced the toughest tests of their career on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights from Shelton, Wash. tonight. Richmond super middleweight Immanuwel Aleem passed with flying colors, reaching back to score a sixth-round stoppage of Juan Carlos Rojas to preserve his unbeaten record. It was an impressive performance by Aleem in his tenth pro bout, and it may have put him on the map after spending his early career largely overlooked.

Light heavyweight prospect Thomas “Top Dog” Williams has gotten much more attention of late, a tribute to his top-ten ranking at 175 lbs. While we haven’t paid as much attention to Williams, other like ESPN’s Teddy Atlas have more than made up for it by showering him with praise. Unfortunately, Williams was unable to live up to that lofty billing in the main event against Gabriel Campillo. Campillo poked him with a jab in the 4th round that opened up a bad cut, from which Williams was unable to recover. The doctor stopped the fight before the 6th round.

Stiff Jab Presents: The Fourth Judge Podcast Episode 26

Our hosts discuss Melo's interview with ESPN, James Harden's declaration of war against Chandler Parsons, Phil Jackson's taste in movies, and quiche.

That’s right. Quiche.

As always, there is MORE! Everyone loves a good MORE!

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Open Letter To Gennady Golovkin


Photo courtesy of Suzan Classen

by Sarah Deming

NEW YORK, N.Y.—Thank you, Gennady Golovkin, for taking just three rounds to dispatch Daniel Geale and retain your title. Three is the magic number: quick enough to get us home early, long enough to love. One of the G’s must stand for “generous.”

Thank you for wearing shimmery white trunks of a pre-hip hop length that evoked ancient rites, and thank you for confining the advertisements to discrete patches on each leg. Thank you for your perfect middleweight body and golden skin under the Garden lights. Thank you for the mysterious permasmile onto which we project our own meanings. Thank you for training hard for light work. 

Thank you for your streak of 17 stoppages and your record of 30-0 (27 KOs), the highest knockout percentage of any active champion. Knockouts are better than decisions. Not because they are more violent but because they are negotiated by the actors in the ring rather than the functionaries outside it. Nobody likes to be judged. 

Thank you for cultivating superb balance and timing. Trainer Abel Sanchez attributes your “numbing” power to these fundamentals. This is more praiseworthy than heavy hands.

Top Rank Signs Maryland Boxer Mike Reed


Mike Reed photos courtesy of Team Reed

by Gautham Nagesh

2013 Stiff Jab Prospect of the Year Mike “Yes Indeed” Reed has signed with Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions, joining the likes of Muhammad Ali and Manny Pacquiao.

Reed’s team announced the signing on Thursday, after it had been rumored for weeks. While there are a number of local DMV fighters signed with Golden Boy Promotions and top manager Al Haymon, Reed is one of the few East Coast fighters signed to Top Rank, which focuses mostly on the West Coast and Mexican fighters. The news is proof of what we have said all along: at 21, Reed is the most proven best young boxer in the DMV.


“I am delighted to sign with Top Rank. They’ve been successful for a long time, and have promoted the biggest names in boxing,” Reed said in a statement. “I am excited to have the same opportunities as the legends that came before me. Top Rank clearly has an understanding of how to market their fighters and they know how to build pay-per-view superstars. Team Reed is looking forward to having a long, successful relationship with one of the most prestigious promotional companies in boxing.”