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Cung Le vs Rich Franklin

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

Cung Le needs to finish this one fast. The longer it goes, the more of an advantage Rich Franklin has due to his better cardio.

Round 1: Franklin lands a right hand. Le punches and misses. Franklin lands a jab. Cung lands a jab. Le starts throwing the spinning shit. Ace coming forward. Franklin lands a left. 

You can really see the reach advantage as Franklin lands another combination. Franklin throws a kick, but Cung Le lands a perfect right. Franklin is out immediately and falls down awkwardly. 

Cung Le by KO.

UFC on FuelTV 6 Preview: Rich Franklin vs Cung Le

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

This fight card is in the Cotai Strip (like the Las Vegas Strip, only smaller) in Macau, a gambling mecca and former Portuguese colony now administered by the People’s Republic of China. 

Because this shit is going on on the other side of the globe, it’s going to be on at 9am (EST), so you can enjoy some bloodsport along with your waffles tomorrow morning.  I’m going to be attending a charity ball with my wife tonight, so I might be a little slow in rising.  Hopefully my usually slave-driving editor will give me some leeway if the coverage comes out a little late. Here is a breakdown of the card (after the jump):

Rich Franklin vs Wanderlei Silva

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

Finally, the only fight worth paying for on this card. The injury-ravaged UFC really has to stop putting on so many cards, if this is the best they can do for a Pay Per View. This is a senior-circuit matchup between two formerly-great fan favorites. Hopefully they  will put on a better fight than the last two snoozers.

This fight is being fought at catchweight. They’re fighting at 190 lbs. Last time they fought at a catchweight of 195 and Rich “Ace” Franklin won. Franklin is filling in for the injured Vitor Belfort, who broke his hand. Live updates after the jump:

Rich Franklin v. Forrest Griffin

They’re saying Rich “Ace” Franklin is up a weight class because he fights better at this weight. That’s not really true. The real reason is that he is never going to beat headliner Anderson Silva at middleweight. 

This fight is far less interesting to me than the Jon Jones fight.  I don’t think either of these guys is ever going to get another title shot.  They’re both past their prime.  We hate cops so we’re rooting for Ace even though he’s wearing pink trunks that look like a bathing suit from the eighties. 

Just polished off a bottle of scotch.  Hopefully this is over soon so we can catch a fight from the undercard before the Brazilians go at it.