Random Thoughts From UFC 156

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

Here are my takeaways from UFC 156:

1. Jose Aldo is as good as ever. His striking in the beginning of the fight was super crisp, and his takedown defense was killer. Even after Frankie Edgar slammed him, he popped back up.

2. Frankie is the toughest guy in the UFC. Those leg kicks had me wincing, and his face looked terrible, but he kept coming forward. He walked through all the punishment Aldo had to offer.

3. Frankie is destined to always be in close fights. His style just lends itself to close fights. Even when he gets murdered early on, as he did tonight, he finds a way to keep coming forward and wear down his opponents. I scored rounds 1 and 2 for Aldo. I was really unsure about 3. I had 4 and 5 for Edgar, but I think 5 was a lot closer than Joe Rogan made it out to be. I’ll watch that it again tomorrow. 

It’s sort of hard to do the play by play and score the fight at the same time. These little guys move fast, and I felt like my fingers were going to fall off trying to keep up with the action.

4. Frankie still looks small at featherweight. But part of that has to do with the fact Aldo cuts a shitload of weight. 

5. What the fuck was up with Rashad Evans? He’s a great wrestler, but he decided to box with a guy that’s a better boxer than he is, and also not to push the action. Change your strategy, change your camp.Something. It almost looked like he wasn’t trying to win.

6. Who gets a heavyweight title shot now?. Alistair Overeem looked way better than Bigfoot Silva for about 95 percent of the fight. Bigfoot barely touched him when they had separation. I have no idea why Overeem thought it was a good idea to get right in Silva’s face. Sure, the guy moves like a sloth, but when 280 pounds of Sloth hits you square on the jaw, you’re going to be in trouble. 

It was a great comeback from Silva, who really didn’t look like he was in the same league as Overeem after the first two rounds. Then again, I’m not complaining about an Overeem loss. That smarmy fuck deserved it after all those years of juicing while claiming to be clean. 

7. Demian Maia looks great at 170. That being said, Jon Fitch was a great matchup for him, in that he presents little threat on the feet. I can’t wait to see Maia fight a striker to see how he fares.

8. Fitch can’t be submitted (well except for that one submission loss in 2002). He had Demian Maia on his back for something like 12 minutes and he survived. Pretty impressive.

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