Stanislav Nedkov vs Thiago Silva

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

I used to be a big fan of Thiago Silva. I’m hoping he can bounce back here against Stanislav Nedkov. Both fighters are fucking beasts. Live updates after the jump:

Round 1: Nedkov swarms, swings, and backs Thiago up against the fence. But Thiago is active from there, landing more shots than Nedkov with his back against the cage. Silva goes for a knee and slipped. Silva pops up and both fighters swing wildly. Nedkov pushes Silva against the cage, but Silva grabs a clinch and throws a knee. 

Nedkov comes forward swinging wildly and Silva blocks. Silva looks tired. Silva lands a big leg kick. Nedkov is swarming and pushes Silva against the cage. Silva is working, but he’s also being pushed around the cage. Silva lands a vicious knee from the clinch. Nedkov shrugs it off and comes forward swinging.

Nedkov still advancing, Silva backs up and finds himself pinned up against the cage again. Silva lands another knee from the clinch. Nedkov comes forward and lands a body shot, then goes for another takedown. Silva looks frustrated and slaps the ear of Nedkov, who is content to hold him against the cage. 

10-9 Silva. That’s a tough round to score because Nedkov controlled Silva, but he didn’t really do anything with his dominant position. Silva looks really, really tired after that first round.

Round 2: Nice leg kick by Silva. Nice kick to the groin by Silva, who probably needed some extra time to catch his breath. That errant kick is really going to be a big help to Silva. Head kick by Silva. Nedkov swarms in and has Thiago pinned against the cage. Thiago is landing shots while pinned, but they don’t have much behind them due to the unfavorable position. Ref tells them to work. Ref breaks them up. 

I didn’t expect this fight to last this long. Nedkov is working forward, both fighters swinging wildly. Nedkov has Silva pinned against the cage again. He needs to work a takedown from this position. The crowd is booing. Nedkov isn’t doing anything. 

Nedkov coming forward. Silva lands another kick to the groin, but the ref just tells them to keep fighting, so they do. Nedkov comes forward again and pins Silva against the cage. Silva throws a ton of kicks to the leg. Nedkov is going for the single leg. Nedkov doesn’t get the takedown. Thiago with another leg kick. Silva is landing leg kicks, Nedkov is trying to get him to come forward. 

Silva gets reckless coming in and eats a massive left hand. He’s getting lit up on the ground and holding on for dear life as the round ends. That right there is what The King Elvis Presley was talking about when he said that only fools rush in. 

10-9 Nedkov with the good punch in that round.

Round 3: More wild punches from both fighters. Big looping right hand from the Bulgarian. Thiago looks tired, but still firing the big punches. Silva hurts Nedkov with a punch and gets the takedown. He has full mount and Nedkov is in trouble with four minutes left in the third round. Silva is landing big elbows; he has a choke locked in perfectly and Nedkov taps.

Ah well, my underdog pick almost came through at the end of the second round, but Silva fought through it. I’m still glad to see Silva winning again. He’s always exciting to watch. 

Thiago Silva wins by arm triangle at 1:45 of Round 3.

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