Dong Hyun Kim vs Paulo Thiago

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

They’re hyping the RZA’s new martial arts film “The Man with the Iron Fists.” Daniel Wu is ringside and obviously Cung Le, who is fighting in tonight’s main event, is also in the film. Talk about excellent cross-promotion. 

Very savvy of the UFC to feature Le in the main event of its first card in China (Macau). Nothing like a movie star to add credibility to a mixed martial arts event, and vice versa. As a fan of martial arts films, I find them much more meaningful when the people pretending to do the karate can really do the karate if needed.

This is the first fight back for Dong Hyun Kim, who lost his last fight due to a freak muscle spasm injury. Live updates after the jump:

Round 1: Kim goes for the single leg immediately. Paulo Thiago tries for a choke. Kim works for the takedown, but Thiago is very dangerous from his back. Kim already passed guard. Kim has the back with the body triangle locked in. Damn, Kim passing the guard of a BJJ ace. Very impressive. 

Kim is landing punches. Thiago is trying to get loose, but eating punches. Thiago is sitting up, and Kim is trying to lock the choke in. Kim is now working for a kimura and continuing to pop Thiago in the head. Kim is stifling Thiago. He’s been riding Paulo the entire time. The crowd is quick to boo. Face crank. Yowzer. This is bad, but Thiago survives.

10-9 Kim. Thiago knows he just got manhandled at the best part of his game. Better pull out the Koschek uppercut for the next round, because Thiago did not look good on the ground against the ridiculously strong Kim.

Round 2: Thiago lands a leg kick. Thiago throws a wild kick. Not really a great move against a guy that just killed you on the ground. I’d be throwing punches right now. Kim gets a hold of Thiago and goes for the trip, but Thiago jumps out of it. Thiago goes for a kimura, but Kim defending well for now. Thiago is hanging on to the arm for dear life, but Kim is up and is landing knees. 

Thiago lets go of the arm and is on his hands and knees as Kim controls him. Kim is landing knees to the body and elbows to the head. Thiago tries to throw Kim off and is able to work to his feet. Kim turns around and has a hold of Thiago again. Kim is throwing punches to the face and goes down into the D’arce choke. Thiago tries to roll out of it and the round ends. 

10-9 Kim. Thiago has no answer for him. I don’t think Kim has broken a sweat yet. 

Round 3: Kim misses a spinning backfist. Thiago has no sense of urgency, and he needs a knockout. Kim kicks. Thiago kicks. Thiago throws a left hook that Kim blocks. Kim shoots, gets the back, and sinks in a body triangle. Kim is softening Paulo up with punches and going for the choke again. This crowd has no respect for ultra-tight body triangles. 

Kim popping Thiago with punches. Kim is really unloading here. Thiago isn’t defending at all, because both his hands are on the ground. The ref should really bail him out here. He’s not going to win the fight and is just turtled up, eating punches. Kim is now throwing double punches, just unloading on Thiago’s head.  Thiago somehow survives. 

That could be a 10-8 round for Kim. Why not?

I’ve got it 30-26 for Kim. Judges score it 30-26 and 30-27 (twice). Kim looked great.

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