Jeff Hougland vs Takeya Mizugaki

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

We’re live from Macau for UFC on Fuel 6. They’ve even got an asian Octagon girl for the occasion. First fight is Jeff Hougland vs. Takeya Mizugaki at bantamweight. Live updates after the jump:

Round 1: The fighters exchange and Mizugaki is already touching his eye, but he doesn’t indicate that he was poked. Mizugaki lands a left, but Hougland was leaning back. Hougland lands a big right. Mizugaki swarms, Hougland avoids the punches and shoots, but isn’t able to complete the takedown. Mizugaki instead gets a takedown of his own. 

Mizugaki is on top working the ground and pound. Hougland grabs an armbar, but doesn’s have it fully and has to let it go. Mizugaki drops a few more punches. Mizugaki is able to posture up and land some really great punches with a lot of force behind them. The ref is telling them to work for some reasonlike a fucking asshole. 

Hougland tries to land another submission, but Mizugaki pulls out of it and makes him pay again. Mizugaki is putting a savage beating on Jeff Hougland right now. Hougland is holding on for dear life; he tries for a choke from the guard, but Mizugaki pulls out of it. Very active in the guard is Hougland. All these submission attempts take a lot of energy. I’d rather see him try to work to his feet. Mizugaki postures up and lands a few more punches. 

10-9, but could possibly be a 10-8 on some cards, for Mizugaki.

Round 2: Mizugaki with a nice bodyshot. Leg kick by Mizugaki. Mizugaki lands a punch, goes to clinch, and lands a nice elbow on the break. Mizugaki locks up a body clinch and muscles Hougland to the ground. Three and a half minutes left, plenty of time to work. Mizugaki dropping bombs. Hougland goes for an armbar, Mizugaki’s out and lands some punches. The ref inexplicably warns Mizugaki to work again.  

Hougland tries to get up, but now Mizugaki has his back. Hougland is able to work to his back to try and land submissions. Hougland tries to land elbows from the top position and allows Mizugaki to posture up. Ref stands them up. Mizugaki lands a left hook. Hougland eats a left hook, looks like he grabbed a leg because he was hurt. Mizugaki gets him on his back and starts to unload again. 

10-9 Mizugaki.

Round 3: Mizugaki looks like he landed again there, but Hougland picks him up and slams him. Mizugaki is able to work to his feet; Hougland pulls guard, but doesn’t have a good hold on the arm and Mizugaki starts to unload on him. Mizugaki is winning every aspect of this fight. 

Mizugaki wants to go to the ground and it looks like Hougland does as well; the fighters fall back to the ground. Ref stands them up. Hougland shoots, but Mizugaki works him to the ground again. Hougland is throwing up his legs, but there’s no submission there. Mizugaki is doing a great job from top position. Hougland’s face just busted open, replay shows it was a sharp elbow that did it. Jeff’s bleeding badly from the eye. That’s a fucking gusher staining the mat wherever his head goes. Jeez. 

10-9 Mizugaki.

I’ve got it 30-27 Mizugaki. Mizugaki won this one for sure, and it will be interesting to see if any of the judges gave him a 10-8 round.

The scores are 30-25 and 30-27 (twice) for Mizugaki. Holy shit, one judge is fucking loose with those 10-8 rounds. Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen someone get two 10-8 rounds in a three-round fight. Still, Mizugaki looked great. 

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