UFC on FuelTV 6 Preview: Rich Franklin vs Cung Le

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

This fight card is in the Cotai Strip (like the Las Vegas Strip, only smaller) in Macau, a gambling mecca and former Portuguese colony now administered by the People’s Republic of China. 

Because this shit is going on on the other side of the globe, it’s going to be on at 9am (EST), so you can enjoy some bloodsport along with your waffles tomorrow morning.  I’m going to be attending a charity ball with my wife tonight, so I might be a little slow in rising.  Hopefully my usually slave-driving editor will give me some leeway if the coverage comes out a little late. Here is a breakdown of the card (after the jump):

Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le: This is a fight from the UFC senior tour. Cung Le doesn’t look that old, but he’s 40 and has been spending a lot of time making movies. Ace Franklin is 38 and has been in the UFC since 2005. Cung Le’s going to throw a lot of big flashy kicks in the first round. He throws a lot of different strikes and is pretty accurate.

But if Cung’s kicks don’t finish it relatively early, he’s going to be sucking wind. In his fight against Wanderlei Silva he needed the oxygen tank by the second round, and this is a five round fight. Franklin’s got good cardio and is much more well-rounded. I expect him to survive the first and then slowly pick apart a tired Cung Le, but Le has a kicker’s chance.

Thiago Silva vs. Stanislav Nedkov: Silva is better than a 3:1 favorite right now. Silva’s looked like shit ever since he got knocked out by Lyoto Machida (except in his fight against Brandon Vera). He’s also been caught falsifying a urine sample after a solid decision victory against Vera, which led to a No Contest. Silva throws a lot of big punches, but hasn’t knocked anyone out since Keith Jardine in 2009. Still, Silva can look really great when he is able to work his striking. But he doesn’t have a win against anyone who is still in the UFC. 

Nedkov is undefeated (11 of his wins come outside the UFC against some pretty weak competition) and looked good against Luiz Arthuro Cane in his last fight, but ate a lot of shots before he finished it.  Nedkov is a beast and moves forward throwing wild punches. It should hopefully be a quick slugfest. If you want to bet on an underdog, try for Nedkov. If he lands first, he might be able to win it.   

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Paulo Thiago: Kim is coming off a loss and had a freak injury (muscle spasm) in his last fight. Thiago is famous for knocking out Josh Koschek, but his main game is BJJ. Kim’s been knocked out before by Carlos Condit. Kim is the stronger man and I expect him to have the edge in wrestling and striking, as long as he can avoid being submitted.

Takanori Gomi vs. Mac Danzig: Gomi has a lot of power, but he tends to throw wide, telegraphed punches. If he doesn’t land a knockout blow, he’s not going to win. Danzig’s striking is crisper and he is the more well-rounded fighter, but he doesn’t have the same power that Gomi has. Either Danzig will get dropped or he’ll pick Gomi apart. 

Tiequan Zhang vs. John Tuck: Zhang is the only Chinese fighter on the card. Tuck is Guamanian. Tuck’s never been in the UFC, but is 6-0. He also had that gruesome fight in the Ultimate Fighter where he broke his toe. I don’t know much about Tuck, but Zhang has looked pretty bad recently, so if you want to wager on this one, go for Tuck I guess. 

Takeya Mizugaki vs. Jeff Hougland: Both fighters are coming off decisions. Mizugaki’s been losing every other fight for a few years now. He lost his last one, so he must be due for a win, right? Mizugaki’s losses have been against some good fighters. Hougland looked really bad in his last fight against Yves Jabouin, so i’m going with Mizugaki.

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