Harry Joe Yorgey Blasts Zain Shah At Patriot Center

Photos by Trey Pollard for StiffJab.com

by Gautham Nagesh

FAIRFAX, Va.—Pennsylvania junior middleweight contender Harry Joe Yorgey (above right) made short work of Virginia’s Zain “Tiger” Shah at the Patriot Center on October 27th, dominating Shah from the start and stopping him in the first round.

Shah, who entered the bout unbeaten with a record of 5-0-1 (3 KOs), was clearly in over his head against the vastly more experienced Yorgey. Harry went straight after Shah and appeared to ahve him shaken up early, especially after a body shot that the referee deemed low. Shah took his time recovering, but it made little difference. Yorgey came straight after him and struck him down, forcing Shah to take a seat and not rise.

Afterward Yorgey expressed interest in fighting headliner Jimmy Lange, but those plans were likely dashed by Lange’s split decision loss in the main event to Tony Jeter. Still, Yorgey has fought his last two bouts at the Patriot Center and would make a good headliner if Lange decides to hang up his gloves. A fight between him and Salisbury’s Fernando Guerrero, who fights J.C. Candelo on Saturday night, could draw a solid crowd in Northern Virginia.

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