Ricardo Tirloni vs Nazare

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

Jeez, the announcer isn’t even wearing a bad tuxedo. Ricardo Tirloni has bad tattoos. Keith Peterson, the ref, has neck tats. Dudical.

No elbows to the head in this fight. That’s bullshit. Live updates after the jump:

Round 1: Left hook by Tirloni. Right by Nazare. Nazare grabs a leg and gets the takedown, but Tirloni pops back up. Nazare has the single again, but Tirloni goes for the standing guillotine and Nazare lets go of the leg. Tirloni lands some knees and lets the head go. The fighters exchange wildly and both land. Nazare lands a right, Tirloni lands a knee and goes for the outside trip, but can’t complete the takedown. 

Nazare has Tirloni pinned against the fence and gets the takedown, but Tirloni pops back up. Tirloni lands knees from the clinch and Tirloni lands a left. Tirloni goes for a knee and slips; Nazare attacks and has Tirloni on the fence with a left underhook. Tirloni is working Nazare in the clinch and turns him around. Nazare lands a right and then a left. The fighters exchange. 

Fighters lock up, Tirloni again turns Nazare and works knees from the clinch. Lots of knees to the body. Nazare needs to stay out of the clinch. He’s going to be shitting blood tomorrow. Tirloni lands a left. Nazare goes for the takedown and ends up in the clinch, where he continues to eat knees. They break and Nazare lands a few shots.  he fighters exchange blows as the round ends. 

10-9 Tirloni.

Round 2: Bjorn is in the house, also wearing a heinous black suit-black shirt combination. Looks like he buys his suits at Men’s Wearhouse.The fighters exchange. Tirloni is getting the better of the exchanges.

Nazare lands a big left and Tirloni is badly hurt. Nazare is swarming. Nazare lands a pair of punches as Tirloni retreats. Tirloni lands a counter right and now Nazare is in trouble! Nazare is hanging on to a leg for dear life. Tirloni reverses to top position and has a D’arce choke; Nazare taps. Great comeback by Ricardo Tirloni.

Tirloni by D’arce choke in the 2nd Round.

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