Stiff Jab Presents: The Fourth Judge Podcast Episode 10

This week the boys celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and their 10th episode by getting just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit tipsy. Join them as they sing the praises of Phil Jackson, Madlib, and the Dyson Air Blade. Help them figure out if Oscar Pistorius is South Africa’s OJ Simpson, and humor them as they suggest that Cher covering the songs from The Crow soundtrack in the style of Sheryl Crow is a hilarious concept.

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Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov Dumps Tomasz Adamek, Isaac Chilemba Wins

Photos by Rich Graessle for Main Events

by Sarah Deming

BETHLEHEM, Pa.—The Sands Casino crowd was pretty drunk by the time their favorite, Tomasz “Goral” Adamek (49-2), got roughed up by Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov (16-0). It was the finale of a soulful night of boxing courtesy of Main Events, broadcast live on NBC Sports Net. This was a classic crossroads: Adamek, a 37-year-old Polish former world champ against Czar, a 29-year-old Ukrainian upstart with an Olympic bronze medal.

I had abandoned all pretense of objectivity. The young heavyweights from my gym had been Czar’s sparring partners for this fight, and whenever the quiet, serious young pro walked through our door in his Ukrainian tracksuit, it was like a visit from royalty. I was on the Czar bandwagon, or should I say troika. 

After a slow first round, both men opened up, and Czar’s superior strength was clear. From this point on, there was little hope for Adamek, especially after his right eye began to close. The 4th round was another big one for Czar, who was not only landing the harder shots, he was advancing and controlling center ring. At the end of this round, Adamek looked like he was weeping tears of blood.

Danny Garcia Escapes P.R. with Victory, Deontay Wilder Ousts a False King

Photo by Tom Casino for Showtime

By Craig Dowd

Junior-welterweight champion Danny Garcia will leave Puerto Rico this weekend with family photos, fond memories and an early birthday present from two judges. Thanks to their professional negligence, he gets to fly back to Philadelphia with all of his title belts, just before he turns twenty-six on Thursday.

Garcia escaped the squared circle Saturday night with a majority decision victory over Mauricio Herrera, of California, on Showtime, but not without sullying his reputation first.


Herrera baffled Garcia with aggression, feints and a probing jab slung from all angles, and finally bloodied the champion’s nose late in the ninth round. Garcia offered little in reprisal for such pesky offensive displays, with his signature left hook dormant most of the night.

The few occasions Garcia managed to reprimand his challenger for deviating from the evening’s script, Herrera responded in kind, with insouciance, shrewd tactics and sharp overhand rights to Garcia’s chin.


Johny Hendricks Beats Robbie Lawlaer, Wins UFC Welterweight Title

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

Johny Hendricks threw caution to the wind at UFC 171 on Saturday night and basically stood directly in front of Robbie Lawler for five rounds in their fight for the vacant UFC welterweight title.  

We were rooting for Johny because he got robbed against former champ Georges St. Pierre in his last fight. Against Lawler, Johny won the first two rounds, while Robbie won the third and fourth, busting up Johny’s face really badly.  

The fight was pretty clearly up for grabs in the fifth round. Johny had a little more gas in the tank, as Robbie looked winded. After landing some punches, Hendricks scored a crucial takedown. Robbie looked up at the clock and appeared ticked off, as if he knew he had lost.

The judges all had it 48-47 for Hendricks, which was the correct score. Great fight, congrats to the new champ.

Johny Hendricks Misses Weight On First Attempt

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

Johny Hendricks (above) missed his contracted weight by 1.5 pounds on his first attempt at UFC 171 in Dallas.

Because his fight against Robbie Lawler is for the vacant UFC welterweight title, Hendricks doesn’t have the one pound wiggle room given to fighters in non-title fights. He’s got to lose it all. He’s got an hour to lose the weight or the fight won’t be for the belt, which would be a shame.  

Update: Hendricks made weight on his second attempt. The belt will in fact be on the line tomorrow night. Must have been a rough cut for him. People betting on Lawler must be feeling better about their underdog pick.  

Preview: Danny Garcia, Adamek vs Glazkov, Saturday Night Boxing In NoVa


Danny Garcia photos by Tom Casino for Showtime

by Gautham Nagesh

Friday night is a little light this week, but Saturday night will be packed with boxing, on TV and live in Northern Virginia.

The big show will come to you on Showtime from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, where junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia will stay busy against sturdy veteran Maurcio Herrera. A solid undercard from Golden Boy includes unbeaten Alabama heavyweight Deontay Wilder in a step up against Malik Scott on the main telecast, and Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Daniel Ponce de Leon on Showtime Extreme.

Back on the East Coast, Polish heavyweight Tomasz Adamek will headline a Main Events show on NBC Sports Net from Sands Resort in Bethlehem, Pa. against Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov. The winner will be well-positioned for a shot at heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko, unless the Wilder-Scott winner gets there first. Isaac Chilemba vs. Denis Grachev at light heavyweight highlights the undercard.

Meanwhile, closed to home in Springfield, Va., the ABC Sports Complex will host a card featuring middleweights Brandon Quarles (below), Antoine “Action” Douglas, and super middleweight Jerry “2 Tickets 2 Paradise” Odom.

Full previews and predictions after the jump:

Eight Count: Canelo-Angulo, Justin Bieber & Floyd Mayweather Fever

Photo by Al Bello for Getty Images

by Anna John

Friday means one thing here at Stiff Jab’s cluttered headquarters in Chocolate city— Friday Night Fights.

Okay, it means two things, and the second one is our weekly link roundup, The Eight Count. Here’s what we’re reading and talking about, this week:

1) Last week, only one boxer showed up to the Canelo-Angulo bout. Like many of us who watched that piss poor performance from the Mexican-looking Mexican, Floyd Mayweather the Elder is skeptical about Angulo’s technique:

“It didn’t seem like he [Angulo] was throwing punches back to try and hurt Canelo…It just looked like he was taking punches to me. It just seemed to me like he wasn’t trying to hit Canelo back hard at all. He wasn’t coming in strong; he was taking punishment.” [Boxing News 24]

2) Speaking of Mayweathers, Floyd the Younger still has quite a high opinion regarding that Canadian export most of us love to loathe.

"Actually, Justin Bieber texted me a video of him boxing before, sparring” Mayweather said about the first time he learned the singer has a little bit of boxing skills, ” And he can box a little bit. I was surprised he can box a little bit. He has a fitness trainer, so he’s getting a good shape now.” [International Business Times]

3) Floyd Mayweather’s sonning of Amir Khan continues, with this news about undercard possibilities for Mayweather-Maidana. While Khan wasn’t good enough for Floyd, Money Mayweather thinks he’s a better fit for bitchy little brother Adrien Broner. You know, the boxer who got humped in the ring by Maidana before being carried out by a bodyguard after his last fight:

Peter Quillin Added To Bernard Hopkins vs Beibut Shumenov April 19 In D.C.

Photos by Rich Kane for Golden Boy Promotions

by Sarah Deming

NEW YORK—A dark bar beneath BB King’s in Midtown was the setting on Wednesday as Golden Boy hosted the New York press event for Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins’ title unification versus Beibut Shumenov next month in Washington, D.C. 

The April 19th Showtime card at the D.C. Armory will also feature undefeated middleweight Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin in a title defense against Lukas Konecny of the Czech Republic.

Kid Chocolate rolled in behind the beat, dressed like a jazz musician. He told his adorable Cuban father to bring his belt to the podium.

“That’s my old ass pops,” said Quillin, holding up the bling. “I worked my whole life for this, even when people told me I couldn’t be anything but a criminal entering your house when you’re not there.”

Sergio Martinez vs Miguel Cotto Press Tour Hits NYC In Blue Suede Shoes

Photos by Will Hart for HBO

by Sarah Deming

NEW YORK—The press tour for Sergio Martinez’s June 7 middleweight title defense against Miguel Cotto hit Madison Square Garden Tuesday morning.

Martinez fans draped with Argentine flags mingled peacefully with those in Puerto Rican do-rags; it was the first sunny day in New York City for a while, and everyone seemed too happy to fight.

Inside, the usual suspects were livened up with a dose of DiBella prospects – we spotted Heather Hardy, Christopher Galeano, Frank Galarza, and Gabriel “Tito” Bracero – out to support their famous Argentine stablemate. 

Grappler Taps Out, Vomits After Fart to the Face

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

The great theorists in the MMA game have long posited that it could be possible to make a man submit by ripping ass in his face.  

I couldn’t win that way personally, because my farts smell pretty good most of the time. But I can’t tell you how many times I’d be watching a fight with my bros and one of them would say, “Wouldn’t it be vicious if that man ripped ass right now?” to which we would all vigorously agree.  

Well the theory has been proven, my friends. Below, for your scientific interest, is a video of some bro named Travis Newaza making his opponent submit and vomit by farting in his face.

Dusty Harrison Surges After Early Scare From Michael Balasi


by Gautham Nagesh

Southeast D.C. welterweight prospect Dusty Hernandez-Harrison overcame a shaky start against Michael Balasi of Hawaii to stay unbeaten on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights from San Diego.

Balasi (10-4, 7 KOs) dropped Harrison (21-0, 11 KOs) with a left hand in the second round and had him in some trouble, but Dusty recovered and wound up dominating the later rounds. Dusty, 19, showed admirable heart to come back and win after facing such adversity, which will probably serve him well in the long term. Still, this was probably not the performance his team was hoping for in his second consecutive fight on ESPN.

Lightweight Rustam Nugaev won in the main event when a hand injury forced Marvin Quintero to quit after the 4th round. Quintero had been acquitting himself well until that point. Roman Morales floored Khabir Suleymanov five times in the co-feature, on his way to an easy decision victory in the eight-round super bantamweight bout.

Stiff Jab Presents: The Fourth Judge Podcast Episode 9

It’s been a wild week for the Knicks. Will Phil Jackson join the squad as President of Basketball Operations? Does the 3-game win streak mean anything? Is somebody eating a sandwich on the end of the bench? LISTEN TO FIND OUT!

It’s also been a wild week for NETFLIX REVIEWS, as the guys tackle 30 for 30: June 17,1994 (boring!), Blue is the Warmest Color (titillating and well crafted!) and Shut Up and Play the Hits (pretty dece!).

They also answer reader questions in the mailbag and cover a whole host of HILARIOUS AND INFORMATIVE content. Check it out!

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Canelo Stops Alfredo Angulo In The 10th Round

Photos by Tom Casino for Showtime

by Gautham Nagesh

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez dominated Alfredo Angulo on Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, scoring a 10th-round stoppage in the Showtime Pay Per View main event. Referee Tony Weeks stepped in an stopped the fight after Canelo landed a particularly vicious left uppercut on Angulo, drawing a furious reaction from both the crowd and “el Perro”.

Until that point it had been a masterful performance from Alvarez, who was the better boxer and puncher on this night. We had thought Angulo’s rugged style and strength might present problems for Canelo, but el Perro was strangely listless and never appeared to pose much of a threat.

Canelo, on the other hand, was sharp and aggressive from the opening bell. He brought the fight to Angulo right away, and barely let up on the pressure over ten rounds. If there was any doubt about Canelo’s position near the top of the junior middleweight division, he showed tonight that he remains one of the sport’s premium fighters.


Glory: Remy Bonjasky Beats Cro Cop in Croatia

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

I don’t usually watch kickboxing, but this fight was on my radar because Pride legend Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic was involved. We haven’t seen him in the Octagon in a while.  

How was it? Pretty damn awesome. Every fighter showed up throwing bombs, and every bout was action-packed. Some of the fighters had to fight more than once tonight, so there was a big benefit to getting the early finish.  

Anthony Pettis’ head coach Duke Roufus was doing the color commentary and really provided some great insight into the sport. Friend of the blog Luke Thomas was also on hand, which may explain why UFC Boss Dana White was giving him shit on Twitter earlier today.

The fight of the night was Andi Ristie vs. Davit Kiria. Davit looked like he was in trouble for the bulk of the fight, only to stop Ristie in the final round. It was a spectacular comeback.  

Cro Cop looked enormous and put a pretty good beating on Remy Bonjansky, but the judges saw it for Remy.  The Croatian crowd and I both saw it for Cro Cop. Of course, I don’t know shit about kickboxing, and I was just happy to see two legends of the sport throwing bombs at each other for three rounds.

Remy might have gotten the nod because it was his farewell fight. Afterward, Spike TV went straight into COPS. Nice. It’s like they can read my mind.  

Dana White Snipes At Writer For Speaking Truth

by Dr. Octagon, J.D.

UFC boss Dana White went off on MMA Fighting's Luke Thomas for (somewhat indirectly) dissing the weak-ass cards the UFC has been putting out lately. We’re with Luke on this one.

Also, it’s pretty silly for Dana to pretend he doesn’t know who Luke Thomas is. The man is one of the top journalists in the MMA game (and a friend of this blog.) Not to mention, White just responded to one of his tweets. We can’t imagine another major sports commissioner lashing out at the press on Twitter like this. Totally unprofessional.  

Memo to the Press: Dana would like to continue to generate massive profits while putting out crappy cards and paying the fighters next to nothing. Criticism will not be tolerated.